PLAYING IS AN ART: the reserves reveal themselves
Exhibition from 19.10.2022  to 01.10.2023

Starting on 19 October 2022, the Toy Museum in Colmar is offering a new temporary exhibition entitled Playing is an art: the reserves are revealed. This is an opportunity to discover numerous pieces from the museum's collections, some of which have been taken out of storage for the first time.

This project offers the opportunity to exhibit more than 200 toys from different eras and styles, set in resonance around nine artistic fields:
▶ architecture ▶ creative arts ▶ sculpture ▶ music ▶ children's literature ▶ performing arts ▶ cinema ▶ comics ▶ video games

The exhibition will approach its different themes in a way to observe the impact of toys and games on the way we grow up and see the world. It is an opportunity to learn more about cult toys from childhood such as Meccano, the Teleran or Star Wars licensed toys. But it is also an opportunity to show the links between art and toys, whether explicit or more subtle.

The toys presented in a thematic and playful way are designed to initiate and develop creativity in children, using various and varied methods.
From musical toys to stimulate the ear, puppets and heroes to invent stories, optical toys and construction games such as Kapla and Lego, the toys are rich in teaching and fun for children.

The artistic is present in many fields, from the most obvious such as cartoons and the circus where visitors can find automaton toys and even Dinky Toys Pinder and the less obvious, such as video games where some are true works of art.

Whether for educational, pedagogical or simple entertainment purposes, toys are a different way of approaching this theme and an opportunity for visitors to renew their view of the world of childhood.

An invitation to all children, young and old, not to be missed!


Around the exhibition

// A scenic Playmobil set
The most famous Gallic from the comic strip world rub shoulders with Georges Méliès and many other surprises in a giant panoramic display case.
- Directed by Claude Steiblé, from the association En Avant Figurines.

// A booklet for children
Available free of charge at the ticket office for all children visiting the museum, who can playfully discover the temporary exhibition.

// A dedicated activity room and an arcade terminal
Colouring, reading corner, Lego games and bulk... and much more to discover.

// Regular events and activities
Visit the calendar and our social networks to follow the programme.


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